Event Dashboard Design

We introduced this platform to centralize all interactions between prospects/clients and the company’s producers in the post-inquiry process until and after the event takes place.


Product Designer, Creative Director

IML is a company specializing in live music, photography and videography for private events. Communication between prospects/clients and producers was scattered throughout multiple email threads, phone calls, text messages and an internal CRM system. I identified the problem and proposed, planned and designed a new front-end platform to centralize all information and guide prospects through the post-inquiry process (spanning from a few months to one+ year). Previous lack of control over these tasks meant creating unnecesary friction for prospects, thus affecting conversion rate, upselling and timely payments. 

Creating an Event Dashboard allowed the company to:
  • Increase conversion rate from inquiry to booking
  • Minimize the number of emails, phone calls and text messages going back and forth between clients and producers
  • Ease the process of signing and revising contracts
  • Provide a comprehensive planning page for the event
  • Drive post-booking upselling
  • Integrate a payments page

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Identifying the main events
After researching and creating a post-inquiry user flow, I identified the main decision moments and events that needed to converge into this platform for it to be as effective as possible: Initial quote, Contract signing, Initial payment, Event planning, Upselling, Final payment and Pre-event green light call. There is an optimal path along these events that a prospect needs to take in order to convert as quickly as possible and make the whole process as frictionless as possible.
Platform pages (IA)
We divided the platform into five main pages.
  • Home page (or Dashboard), where all information relevant to the event is displayed, but most importantly, where we present a detailed list of next steps for prospects/clients to follow. 
  • Planning page, where clients can enter detailed information about the event, such as contact information, location, schedule and more.
  • Services page, created to incentivize and ease upselling.
  • Contract page, which needs to be readily available since it will be revised throughout the process as the exact services to be hired are defined closer to the date of the event.
  • Payment page with multiple payment options/information, which will be used at the beginning and end of the process (initial and final payment).
Some of the components created for the platform. Since the Event Dashboard would be used by several “bands”, we created a neutral color scheme with only one accent color to be changed depending on each brand’s colors.
Event planning takes place in different circumstances, which meant that a mobile-friendly version needed to be as clear and easy to access as possible, reassuring clients that everything is in order up to the last minute before the event.
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